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Peninsula de Baru-La isla de los sueños, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

The Barú peninsula located in the coastal area south of Cartagena de Indias -Colombia- is a magical place, unique, thanks to its turquoise waters and white beach, managing to be classified as one of the best beaches in Colombia.

Colombia, Peninsula de Baru
Colombia, Peninsula de Baru

It can be reached in two ways, by land or by sea.

Of unique experiences, beautiful sunsets and the opportunity to share great moments with locals, foreigners or simply with nature.

A trip for those who love the experience of moving away from the chaotic world that surrounds us in the big cities, the chaos of a life hectic by the concerns of the near future that we long to achieve.

Peninsula de Baru, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Peninsula de Baru, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

In Playa Blanca.

energy is scarce, the only places that have it, they obtain it from gasoline power generators and for just a few hours at night, since gasoline is quite expensive (one gallon $ 10,000 Colombian pesos)

  • For those tourists. who love comfort and cannot get away from technology, they waste their time staying on the paradisiacal beaches of the Barú peninsula.

In the day the beautiful beach is visited by hundreds of tourists (mostly foreigners) who enjoy its warm waters.

And succulent lunches that are achieved on the beach, the locals depend on tourism, it is their only way of subsisting so a You get lunch from $ 15,000 pesos.

A massage session for $ 7,000 and all kinds of street sales.

At late afternoon tourists leave the beach and with it appears the little awareness of those who visit it, a large amount of garbage produced by those «tourists» who only care about their own enjoyment.

Without worrying about the environmental damage that they generate their lack of commitment to mother nature.

But those who live and depend on tourism do not seem to care either, since it is only until the next day that the local government environmental team passes.

That the beach looks clean, as they make the tour of the entire beach collecting all the plastic and garbage produced by that mechanical tourist.

Peninsula de Baru, Cartagena de Indias
Peninsula de Baru, Cartagena de Indias

How to get?

As I wrote in previous lines, it can be reached by road or sea.

If you plan to travel by road, when you get to Cartagena you should go to the Bazurto market, near the airport there is an avenue where the city’s public transport system runs.

There you ask any driver (or ordinary citizen) ) that bus takes you to the Bazurto market, the ticket costs $ 1,700 Colombian pesos.

Once you arrive at the market (which reflects the poverty in which the real people of the city live) you ask for transportation to

«Pasa Caballo» the cost of the ticket is $ 1,800 pesos.

From the Bazurto market to the town of «Pasa Caballo» there are about 20 or 30 minutes.

When you get to «Pasa Caballo» there are different types of transport that take you to Playa Blanca.

  • Motorcycle or car, it depends on you where you want to go and what «Haggling» that you are to take you at a cheaper price. But more than $ 10,000 pesos cannot collect.
Peninsula de Baru
Peninsula de Baru

Where to stay?

The beach has several places to stay and spend a night, a week or (why not) a lifetime …

there are hostels, the prices per night can cost between $ 30,000 or $ 40,000 Colombian pesos (it all depends on how good you are.

  • There are also hammocks, between $ 10,000 a night.

And if your plan is to stay (as we did with my fiancee)

In a tent, you have the whole beach to stay, since there are places where you can rent space for:

$ 5,000 or a tent for $ 15,000 or you can also do it for free in the leading areas of the beach.

Of course, if you plan to do it, in the leading areas of the beach (and not pay anything)

I advise you to have a good tent, and investigate the weather for the time you are going to go.

At night It rains a lot (we went in the rainy season) and you can get wet.

Colombia, Cartagena de indias, Peninsula de Baru
Colombia, Cartagena de indias, Peninsula de Baru

In addition to the fact that the rain is accompanied by a thunderstorm, so you can have a great scare at night.

Like us who stayed at one of the points of the beach (near the national police booth) the first night and it was terrible.

Although we had a large tent, the rain was torrential accompanied by a lot of electrical activity (thunder) and we had to get out of the tent and get into the police booth.

Since that thunder falls an very close to us and as we place under a tree, because even more afraid that we were achieved.

This interests you:

Cerro Monserrate-Colombia

  • Of course, the show that nature gave me that night was unique, to see how lightning fell in the sea, it was a sublime experience.

So the next day we went to one of the many hostels that is located along the beach and we found one that was very good.

The «Hostal Chika Zulu» its administrator (I still can’t pronounce its name) «Raicer» He has the kindness that identifies us Colombians, he and his family were very kind.

They allowed us to use the kitchen, the water and they charged us $ 12,000 per day, in addition to preparing delicious cocktails.

The negotiation was as follows: the space was rented to us for $ 5,000 and we located our tent.

But we had to get food and water, (the beach does not have drinking water, you must buy it) so we reached the negotiation of:

$ 12,000 per day, for lending us the kitchen and using all the water we want (of course we are aware of the vital liquid so we save it as much as possible).

Colombia, Peninsula de Baru, La isla de los sueños
Colombia, Peninsula de Baru, La isla de los sueños

What to eat

Along the beach you find shops (well, there are only 4) where they sell basic foodstuffs, rice, oil, vegetables, bread and some other canned goods.

If your visit to the Peninsula is as a traveler, you can buy food in these stores (and like us) negotiate with the locals the kitchen and feel at home.

But if you do not want any of that, you can get food (cooked) for $ 15,000 (fish) junk food (hamburgers, dogs, pizza) between:

$ 10,000. In the hostel «CHIKA ZULU» it has one of the best pizzas that I have eaten throughout my life, they have a great variety and that of shrimp, its flavor is indescribable.

Without a doubt it is one of the best experiences in my life, I have been fortunate to visit the beaches of my country and Playa Blanca is among my favorites.

Cartagena de Indias, Peninsula de Baru
Cartagena de Indias, Peninsula de Baru

The fact:

The Chika Zulu hostel is recommended, the food, the friendliness and the good music of the place (since Raicer is an admirer of reggae and salsa)

Are ingredients that should not be missed, at night it works as a bar and It is filled with foreigners, great gatherings are shared, to the sound of good music, the sea breeze and the taste of our people.

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