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San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia

It is a municipality in Colombia, located in the eastern subregion of the department of Antioquia.

It is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Alejandria and San roque.

On the east and south by the municipality of San Carlos, and on the west by the municipality of Guatapé.

Antioquia, San Rafael
Antioquia, San Rafael

It was founded on August 5, 1864 by miners from Santa Rosa de Osos and San Carlos,

attracted by the abundance of gold that was in that region, then recognized by the name of the knife.

In 1871 they gave him the name of San Rafael for the faith that its founders had with the Archangel Rafael.

  • In 1905 he moved from the knife to the place where he is today, a feat performed by the Presbyter José de Jesús Correa Jaramillo.
San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia
San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia

Located in the largest area of ​​hydroelectric reservoirs in the department of Antioquia, it is a municipality rich in water sources.

which has given it the nickname of «spell of crystalline waters».

Gorges and puddles in abundance are its main reference, and its River Festivals, which are held every January, are famous.

Several sugar mills are located near its urban area and it is possible to know how to make panela.

River festivities in January Puente de Reyes.
Classical of freedom, from July 17 to 20.
Festivities of the Virgin of Carmen from July 9 to 18.
First river ride on July 4.
Peasant festivities on July 25.
Trade festivals in early August.
Municipal Centennial, on August 5.
Patron Saint Festival of San Rafael between October 16 and 24.
San Isidro festivities in June.
Youth week.

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Muffin cake. horchata (drink based on rice, panela and cinnamon), stake or corn bun, mazamorra, white gelatin, canelazo, peasant chocolate.

Among others ECONOMY Agriculture, coffee, sugarcane, beans, corn, mining.

San Rafael
San Rafael


Jaguas Reservoir
On the banks of the Bizcocho River, «carbonero» trees grow, threatened with extinction.

Sport fishing, in places such as Pescatur, located in the light path and others in, manila, the trocadero and in the camping.

San Rafael, Antioquia
San Rafael, Antioquia

San Rafael has several spas in its rivers:

El Bizcocho, El Arenal and Guatapé; the spas are places that adorn the surroundings of the municipality, where its inhabitants and tourists frequently spend free time.

The most famous spas are: Gallo, also known as Las Tangas, La Chocha, El Charco del Amor, El Trocadero, Churimo , El Perol, El Limón, Elcharco de Los Malechores, among others.

To highlight, the best of this wonderful and unique municipality, is the attention of the people of the place.

Friendship and joy with which each visitor is received, who always leaves with the purpose of visiting him again.

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