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Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Privileged Territory

The first one was built almost thirty years ago and before the end of the 20th century there were already seven.

Each taking approximately five years to obtain the hue that they now look.

Villa de Leyva, Pozos Azules, Colombia
Villa de Leyva, Pozos Azules, Colombia

Thanks to the presence of selenium, sulfur and other minerals in the gullies where rainwater descends.

Due to the persistence of tourists visiting Villa de Leyva, by the year 2000 the site was opened to the public and became one of the most visited.

For an area of ​​approximately 60 hectares, on foot or on horseback, the tourist can delight in the beautiful spectacle that Pozos Azules offers him.

By day its multiple colors shine; at night the landscape is complemented by the vastness of the sky that only this beautiful land gives to the observers of the sky.

Villa de Leyva, Pozos Azules
Villa de Leyva, Pozos Azules

Pozos Azules invites you to contemplate its charm carefully; walk them, it is a unique experience.

  • The place is ideal for planning events, as well as meeting new people and their stories.

Those who visit this ecological wonder never forget the color of its waters and the beauty of the landscape.

A private initiative in favor of tourism development in the region.

Pozos Azules
Pozos Azules

Just a couple of kilometers from the Villa.

On the road that leads to Santa Sofía, we find the wonderful blue wells.

These wells are artificial and located on privately owned land, but fortunately they can be visited upon payment of a price per person. ($ 5,000, subject to change)

Its greenish blue that changes with the climate, its contrast between desert and nature.

The surrounding pine forest and the tranquility are the main ingredients to make this place one of the most attractive that the Villa has today.

Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva
Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva

Go with the family, take your time, there is a place to park and the walk to the 3 wells is not very long from the parking lot.

  • Of course, wear comfortable shoes and it is more beautiful when the sky is open, if it is cloudy they are not so blue.

The color is given by the minerals that its waters have and it is not allowed to bathe, the water is not suitable for these activities due to its mineral content.

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It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and it is better on a clear day.

Blue Wells are offered as part of many sightseeing tours such as those offered by Zebra Tours.

It is possible to arrive on foot (about 2 km) but a Taxi does not charge too much if you do not have a private vehicle.

Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Pozos Azules, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

It is also possible to get there by bicycle or horse.

If you decide to go, you can combine with El Fossil, The Center for Paleontological Research, The Ostrich Farm, Gondava, The Convent of Santo Ecce-Homo, El infiernito or The Theme Park 1900, among many other options.

At the exit you can find rental of ATVs and inside you can buy drinks. There is no restaurant or bathrooms and it is recommended for all ages.

Los pozos azul is one of the new attractions of Villa de Leyva, its charm is relative and for us it depends on the weather.

If the sky is blue and clear go, if it is cloudy it is not so interesting.

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