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Parque Nacional de Sumapaz, Villavicencio, Colombia

The Páramo de Sumpaz, houses many stories, but among all of them the one of the Muisca people stands out, who considered this stop as a supremely sacred area, because…

This was where the gods lived, and it may be that it is a legend of an indigenous people.

But The truth is that this wasteland is so beautiful that.

Parque nacional de sumapaz, villavicencio
Parque nacional de sumapaz, villavicencio

It seems that it had been chiselled by the gods themselves.

Learn how to get to the Páramo de Sumapaz and know other directions to enjoy your visit to this place.

There you have to get off at the mayor’s stop.

When they have arrived at that stop they will find buses that will take you to the Páramo de Sumapaz, for a value of approximately 10,000 COP.

Parque nacional de sumapaz, villavicencio, Colombia
Parque nacional de sumapaz, villavicencio, Colombia

The other option is to go to the Portal Norte Station.

that will take you or two to get to the main town and take the bus that is worth 7,000 COP. .

When you are in the Sumpaz Park, you should not pay a ticket to enter, since it is totally free, the only thing they will ask you is some personal

Information to keep track of the people who enter the paramo and some recommendations for you to take into account during the time of your stay in Sumapaz.

However, within this vast expanse of life, there are some places that can be visited that hide interesting facts and stories.

Villa vicencio, Parque nacional sumapaz, Colombia
Villa vicencio, Parque nacional sumapaz, Colombia

The first is the Laguna Alar Pasquilla, which according to the District Institute of Tourism and the Corporación Chorofila Urbana is located in the Páramo de Sumapaz is one

In the Páramo de Sumapaz, you will also have the opportunity to see the prison ruins that the dictator Gustavo Rojas Pinilla ordered to be built to take his captives there.

The Mirador Buenos Aires or Loma Chata also deserves special mention, from which you can get a great view of much of the paramo and four lagoons that are

Another attraction is the Bocagrande Sanctuary, a complex of ten bodies of water where the colors seem to come to life, to contemplate a kind of earthly paradise, and,

Finally, the Verjon Bat Cave, a place where caving can be done .

Parque nacional de sumapaz
Parque nacional de sumapaz

The Sumapaz Park has several trails that are already demarcated so that people can enjoy the experience of walking this sanctuary and seeing some of the aforementioned sites.

If you are going to visit the Páramo de Sumapaz, the most important recommendation that you cannot forget is that this is a very fragile system and therefore you must

Be careful with your actions within the park, we also recommend that you do not throw rubbish and bring it all with you when you return.

It is important to be vaccinated against yellow fever, with a minimum of 10 days.

  • The vaccination card can be requested at the entrance, although it is not very often that it is done, but yes, even if they do not ask for it,

It is best to be vaccinated to avoid catching diseases.

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You should also keep in mind that you should be very warm and in waterproof clothing (jacket, hat, boots, gloves and glasses) because the weather is very cold, but also

Unpredictable, so at any time a sudden rain can fall.

Finally, bring panela water, candy, snack, or anything else to eat and plenty of fluids.

Now if what you want is camping, you should know that Sumapaz does not have an infrastructure for this purpose, but it does offer a space where camping is possible.

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