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Minca, Santa Marta, Colombia

Do you want to travel to a hidden place in Colombia?

This time, redBus shows you a little visited destination but with a lot of tourist potential.

Discover everything you have to know about Minca before visiting it!

Colombia, Minca, santa marta
Colombia, Minca, santa marta

Where is Minca located?

Minca is located in the Colombian Caribbean area, 45 minutes away from Santa Marta, on the Sierra Nevada that has the same name.

The landscapes it has are completely different from those typical of the Colombian Caribbean.

In this destination you can find mountains, natural fresh water wells and, best of all, a unique coffee land.

How to get to Minca?

To get to this hidden paradise, you must first arrive in Santa Marta.

The cheapest option is to travel by bus.

  • Then, from the center of Santa Marta, you have to get to the area known as El Mercado (Cra. 11 with Calle 11), where you can take another bus to Minca.

The value of this passage must not be more than $ 10,000 Colombian pesos (3 USD).

This bus leaves you in the center of Minca, there you will find different options for accommodation, food and activities.

Minca, santa marta
Minca, santa marta

What is the best time to go?

The average climate of Minca is 24 ° C, a tropical climate, quite hot but with sudden rains most of the year.

So … there is no perfect time to go, the tropical climate is very difficult to predict and, above all, with the Sierra next to it.

However, if you want to avoid rains, remember that the driest months in Colombia are December, January and February.

Instead, the rainiest months are April and October, keep these recommendations in mind when planning your trip to the Caribbean.

What to do in Minca?

We present three unmissable plans to enjoy in this paradise hidden among the mountains.

1. Hike to the Marinka Falls

Walking in the mountains, finding diversity of birds, animals and trees is one of the most incredible ways to connect with nature.

In Minca you have the option of traveling different trails to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The best hike is to the Marinka Falls, impressive waterfalls that come from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

You can bathe in them while enjoying the sounds of animals, breathing fresh air and relaxing.

  • Marinka Falls is 4 kilometers away from the Main Church of Minca, you can get there on foot, it is only a 20 minute walk.

Or you can also rent a motorcycle taxi (the value per person is $ 7,000 COP (2.50 USD)).

Colombia, minca-Santa marta
Colombia, minca-Santa marta

Why go to the Marinka Falls?

This destination is an unmissable place if you go to Minca because during the tour you can take advantage to observe crops of coffee, tomatoes, cocoa, orange, among others.

In addition, on the way you will be able to appreciate more than 260 species of birds, their nests and, most strikingly, different points of water fountains for hummingbirds.

It is amazing to see these beautiful animals in their natural environment!
You will also be able to see guaduas bushes, an essential artisan product in the economy colombian.

This interests you:

Cerro Monserrate-Colombia


What can you do?

In the Marinka Falls you can take photos or enjoy its cold waters after the walk.

In addition, you can rent a hammock to rest or you have the option of camping if you want to stay longer in this environment.

  • There is a restaurant offering fish and seafood dishes.

Now, the most recommended activity in this destination is the artisan chocolate preparation course.

The cultivation of cocoa in this area is abundant, so you can savor organic chocolate, accompanied by a good artisanal coffee … delicious!

The entrance fee to the Marinka Falls is $ 3,000 Colombian pesos (1 USD).

In addition, we recommend you bring repellent, sunscreen and, remember, to go to the Colombian Caribbean it is essential that you apply the vaccine against Yellow Fever.

Santa marta, Colombia, Minca
Santa marta, Colombia, Minca

2. Discover the peculiarities of the town

The best thing about getting to a new place is knowing its customs, traditions and culture.

Touring the town of Minca you can enjoy different restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to listen to the most curious stories while you walk.

  • On the other hand, you can visit the picturesque church Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro.

The tour does not last long, it is a small town with five blocks. So take your time to rest and enjoy every detail!


3. Tour coffee farms

Colombian coffee is found in all regions of the country, and in the Caribbean coffee has a particular taste, smell, color and acidity.

In Minca you can learn about the coffee process, from its harvesting, to how to roast the old fashioned way.

Afterwards, you can enjoy it while looking at the green mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Would you like it?

One of the haciendas that makes this tour is called Hacienda La Victoria.

There you can experience chocolate therapy, coffee bean tasting, and much more about the coffee process.

  • The price per person is $ 30,000 Colombian pesos (10 USD).

We hope you are encouraged to travel to Santa Marta and you can discover the beauty that Minca hides!

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