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Islas del Rosario, Cartagena de Indias-Colombia

Travel: las Islas del Rosario

One of the most requested tourist attractions in Cartagena de Indias is visiting the Rosario Islands.

40 km southeast of Cartagena de Indias, it is one of the 46 national natural parks of Colombia, created to protect one of the most important coral reefs on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Cartagena de indias, Islas del Rosario
Cartagena de indias, Islas del Rosario

A whimsical chain of white sand beaches and turquoise sea which creates a comforting visual and spiritual sensation for tourists.

Here is a small tourist guide with information on the Rosario Islands that we hope will help you on your next trip to Cartagena Colombia:

The park includes the underwater platform and coral reefs to the west of Barú Island, the atolls of the archipelagos of Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Bernardo, the islands of Tesoro, Rosario, Múcura and Maravilla.

  • The waters that surround them are characterized by their incredible transparency, which allows you to appreciate at a glance, the colorful coral reefs and the fauna below the surface.
Islas del Rosario
Islas del Rosario

Some islands are so small that they only house one house with a dock.

The trip from Cartagena lasts about an hour by boat from the La Bodeguita pier, with excursions that generally include lunch on the island of your choice for an approximate cost of between $ 20 and $ 50:

All tourists traveling to the islands must pay a fee to the Ministry of the Environment.

In the parks there are 125 species of algae, 52 corals, 197 mollusks, 170 crustaceans, 215 species of fish and 31 of seabirds.

Islas del Rosario-Cartegana de indias, Colombia
Islas del Rosario-Cartegana de indias, Colombia

Isla Grande is the largest island.

The Rosario islands are twenty-seven in total, protected from the open sea and with an almost imperceptible movement of waves.

In its 200 hectares three ecosystems coexist, the coastal and inland lagoons, mangroves and tropical dry forests.

In the interior of the island, an environmental interpretation path has been drawn, showing the natural resources and the ways of conservation of each of the three ecosystems.

This interests you:

Laguna de Guatavita-Bogotá


The island of Barú, twenty minutes from Rosario, is one of the places with the best views to do dives, the following stand out:

  • Bajo Burbujas, the submarine mountain and banks of Salmedina where you will swim among candelabra corals, feather corals and black corals; Red October, Isla Tesoro, El Aparecido.

Pendales and Coca will surprise you with the seabed covered in lettuce coral and whip coral.


Between the months of December and April it is the best time to windsurf.

Inside the Corals National Natural Park on the island of San Martín de Pajarales is the Rosario Islands Oceanarium.

Where you can admire in its natural environment part of the immense wealth of flora and fauna of the Caribbean at the Museum of Marine Life and go scuba diving, canoeing and snorkeling.

If you are a lover of little tourist places, Isla de los Pájaros, Isla Palma, El Islote, Isla Maravilla, Pantano de Cholón, Tuntipan lagoon and Mohan, Playa Blanca.

Are islands that are characterized by their tranquility, location and the diversity of species that inhabit it

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