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Cascada y Cueva el Hayal, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

As if it came out from the deepest part of the earth, there is a mysterious rock wonder in it, the truly spectacular fall or waterfall of the hayal.

This is just a sample of the wonders of nature that are not found everywhere.

And as if that were not enough in this same place is a beautiful cave embedded in a yellow rock.

Cascada y Cueva el Hayal, Villa de Leyva
Cascada y Cueva el Hayal, Villa de Leyva

If you are an adventurer and to know it, you will have to crawl and slide through it.

A wonderful three day trip to most of the natural wonders of Santa Sofia and Villa de Leyva.

In addition to adventure destinations and extreme natural beauty such as the Hayal cave with its waterfall.

The Angel pass for an adrenaline test and the extraordinary Periquera waterfalls.

We will visit the sacred lagoon of Iguaque, the lagoon where the world was created according to Muisca mythology and all this based on a comfortable hotel in Villa de Leyva.

One of the most beautiful towns in Colombia.

Villa de Leyva, Cascada y Cueva el Hayal , Colombia
Villa de Leyva, Cascada y Cueva el Hayal , Colombia

Fauna and Flora

The Iguaque Fauna and Flora Sanctuary is located in the department of Boyacá in the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Arcabuco.

  • Chíquiza, Sáchica and Villa de Leyva, with heights from 2,400 to 3,850 meters above sea level. It is the only dry paramo ecosystem represented in the national system of national natural parks.

According to Muisca mythology (Chibcha macro language), Iguaque means “Cradle of Humanity”.

Little has been explored in what that gap implied in the feeling of the Muiscas as the site of the origin of the Human genre and of the manifestations that the indigenous people of Iguaque developed.

This interests you:

La piedra del Peñol, Antioquia, Colombia

As the light appeared and were created by all things, it came out from the Iguaque lagoon a beautiful woman, who was holding a child about three years old.

The woman was called Bachué or Fuzachogua which means «good woman».

Going down to the place where the town of Iguaque is, he built a house where he lived until the boy was old enough to procreate and married him.

Each time he had four or six children, so that all the land came to be populated, and when they were old, they called many people to accompany them.

Cascada y Cueva el Hayal
Cascada y Cueva el Hayal

And going up to the edge of the lagoon.

Bachué gave them a heartfelt talk, exhorting them to keep the precepts that he had given them to venerate the gods, to be good to avoid evil.

Immediately they said goodbye with great clamor and tears from all the attendees, and they became husband and wife in two great snakes that plunged into the lagoon.

And the peoples, children of this couple, worshiped them and counted among their gods and the Iguaque lagoon has been sacred ever since ”(Mito Muisca).

A special feature of the Chibcha people was their religious worship towards the water.

The name of the Iguaque lagoon was changed to Laguna de San Pedro, due to the colonization and evangelization of the Spanish missionaries.

Who sought to impose the creed to eradicate other beliefs.

Cascada y Cueva el Hayal, Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Cascada y Cueva el Hayal, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Path Requirement Level

The routes designed and offered by Conexión Natural are classified according to 5 levels of difficulty.

Classification degree of difficulty of the trail «Fertility»: 3/5 * However, before developing hiking practices you should reflect on your health, please answer this question:

Do you have any joint problems (for example, back, knees , or hip) that can be worsened by the proposed physical activities?

* The walk has some incline points, in addition the 4 or 5 hours of walking at a slow pace is a factor to keep in mind on this walk. However.

It is not required to be a high performance athlete, everyone can participate!

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