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Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva, Colombia


The Terracotta House is not defined as a museum or monument or simply a tourist attraction, the Terracotta House is a space for artistic, cultural, craft and human exchange.

Without a doubt, this house, which among other things is the largest porcelain in the world, is a unique and incredible attraction to visit in Villa de Leyva.

Villa de Leyva, Casa Terracota
Villa de Leyva, Casa Terracota

The fantastic thing about the Terracotta House is its shapes, color, which does not follow any specific or logical pattern.

It looks like a little house out of an animated television series.

This house invites you to be a child again and imagine a world of fantasies and fun in each of its spaces.

Visiting the Terracotta House is undoubtedly one of those activities that are enjoyed from start to finish and constitute those travel experiences that are told to everyone.

  • Are never forgotten and remain in the heart.

Find out below how to get to the Terracotta House, entrance fee and other curious information for you to take into account.

Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

How to get to the Terracotta House in Villa de Leyva?

To get to the Terracotta House, you need to first reach the beautiful municipality of Villa de Leyva; one of the Heritage Towns of Colombia.

The price of this ticket costs 27,000 COP from Bogotá, and 20,000 COP from Tunja, the capital of the Boyacá department.

This trip lasts 40 min from Tunja and three hours and 40 minutes from Bogotá, however, the landscapes offered by these departments are worth admiring and appreciating.

Once in Villa de Leyva, you can choose several ways to get to the Terracotta House.

Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva
Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva

One is going by private car

Taking the road that leads to Hagia Sophia. After a few minutes after leaving the town you will see a shopping complex in Colsubsidio.

As soon as you pass it, you will have to cross to the right, by an uncovered road.

  • After a few meters on the right hand side you will see the entrance to the Terracotta House.

Another way to get there is to stand in the Plaza Mayor of Villa de Leyva and from there walk to the Terracotta House.

The distance is approximately two kilometers, which is equivalent to almost 25 minutes of travel. Remember that you can always use GPS to get here.

And finally, you can get to the Terracotta House from Villa de Leyva, hiring a tour or a taxi to take you to the entrance of the house.

Villa de Leyva, Casa Terracota, Colombia
Villa de Leyva, Casa Terracota, Colombia

How much does the entrance to the Terracotta House cost?

To enter the Terracotta House, you must pay a value of 15,000 COP for adults and 8,000 COP for children up to 12 years old.

And you can visit the Terracotta House every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday during 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Interesting facts about the Terracotta House

The construction of the Terracotta House took around 20 years, since absolutely everything was made by hand, as if it were a delicate porcelain.

It was built by the architect Octavio Mendoza Morales, who had to design a special oven to burn the large pieces of clay.

This interests you:

Jerico, Antioquia, Colombia

For the construction of this house, no type of plan was used, but the Octavian did it as he put the pieces together, naturally.

That is why its shape and structure does not follow the conventional way of building a house, This certainly contributes to its beauty.

In the same way, its creator says that the house is not finished.

  • The land on which the Terracotta House is built measures 500 square meters and is five stories high.

Everything from the bed, the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture, the garden and everything that makes up this work of art is made of clay.

Casa Terracota
Casa Terracota

Octavio Mendoza

Its creator, lives in one of the rooms of the Terracotta House.

This action is part of the project and the idea with which it was born, to demonstrate that the land can create a more friendly relationship with the land and can be inhabited.

The Terracotta House has many more interesting facts, and a fascinating story, which Octavio Mendoza will be more than willing to tell and answer all the questions.

So do not miss your trip to Villa de Leyva to know this incredible porcelain.

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